2016 Poster Designer: Cody Fenske, Omaha

About the artist:
“I started getting involved in Omaha’s design community through the medium of gig-posters. A lot of my buddies were musicians and needed the work done. While studying at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, I was able to get into the screen-printing studio and crank out handmade posters. The classes I was involved in taught me great principles to keep my designs looking good. I took those skills to places like Hear Nebraska, Perpetual Nerves and independent artists as I got more serious with it. I kept my involvement strong, and other companies outside the music scene (though still in the arts) liked what I was up to, and began asking me to do work for their events as well. I love designing for events that I believe in, and I only hope the work keeps coming.”

“Artsarben is a great opportunity for artists to share their craft, and I’m totally honored to have been selected as the featured illustrator for this year.”